Pottstown Artists Guild Show Scales New Heights

Pottstown Artists Guild Show Scales New Heights

Industrial Mummy by Bob Hakun

POTTSTOWN PA – Artist-members of the Pottstown Area Artists Guild are planning an exhibition so large it will take a two-story space at Montgomery County Community College to house it.

The exhibit, which runs Dec. 20 (2018; Thursday) through Feb. 8 (Friday) at the college’s North Hall Gallery on East High Street in Pottstown, will feature a variety of artworks from several dozen guild members.

  • A Dec. 20 opening reception for the exhibit is planned for 5 p.m. at the gallery. Like the exhibit, it is free to attend and open to the public. The event has been added to The Post Publications calendar.

An installation by members Bob Hakun and Charlie Emlen is expected to be a focal point. Constructed from an old TV antenna tower, Hakun describes the 25-foot-tall structure as a re-imagining of a cell phone tower or an electric tower. “I assemble things from found objects,” Hakun said. “Charlie does a lot of outdoor welding. Someone donated an old TV antenna because they knew he worked with outdoor structures.”

Hakun, who has worked strictly in sculptures for the last 10 years, said college Galleries Director Patrick Rodgers was the inspiration behind the yet-unnamed piece. “Patrick had mentioned that he hoped someone would do an installation,” Hakun said. “We had the space and the parts.”

Pottstown Artists Guild Show Scales New Heights

Ogunquit, Maine, by Leslie Ehrin

Hakun and Emlen’s installation, which will fill a space from the first floor almost to the second-floor ceiling, will be brought to life by gallery aesthetics. “They kept the raw brick interior and the beams exposed,” he said of the exhibit space. “The piece will look really good in that environment.”

Photographer Mary Kosar plans to exhibit several images from her time spent traveling, hiking and exploring nature.

“I go for the composition and unusual subjects,” said Kosar.

Don Havas, a watercolor painter and photographer, plans to exhibit three pieces, including a black and white image titled “Crabapples Crying.”

Pottstown Artists Guild Show Scales New Heights

Crabapples Crying by Don Havas

Havas has been interested in art since he was in high school but got more involved about five years ago when he retired. “I’m still what I consider a novice at watercolors. It’s something you always continue to learn,” Havas said. “I’m still trying to find my niche.”

Guild President Judith Byrd-Williams, a professional watercolorist and videographer, said many of the guild’s 61 members – painters, sculptors, photographers, collage/assemblage artists and more – will likely exhibit at the college. Pieces on display will be available for purchase, she added.

“I believe everything is art,” she said. “People have different gifts. Just like going to the grocery store you can get a variety of crackers. Art is like that.”

Photos from the Pottstown Area Artists Guild via MCCC