Douglass (Berks) Hit By Thefts From Vehicles

DOUGLASS (BERKS) TOWNSHIP PA – The weather may be cold, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering thieves roaming Douglass (Berks) Township, its police department reported Thursday (Dec. 6, 2018) on Facebook. Officers have investigated a round of thefts from vehicles “over the last few nights,” it said.

Area hit include Manatawny Drive and Colebrookdale Road. The suspects, so far unidentified, are looking for the usual things to take when a vehicle owner or driver forgets to lock their ride: “loose dollars and change, phone chargers … anything they can make a quick buck off of,” the department noted.

It offered earlier advice, too, things that owners and drivers have heard many times before but somehow failed to heed:

  • Take “anything of value out of your vehicle;”
  • “Make sure you lock your vehicle;”
  • “Consider keeping your vehicle parked in a well-lit area if you do not have access to a garage;” and
  • “Keep your eye out for anything suspicious, and call 9-1-1 right away.”

If you know anything about the recent rash of thefts, police would like to hear from you. Call 610-367-9474.

Photo from Google Images