Collegeville Survey Explores Business Needs

COLLEGEVILLE PA – Businesses change. Consumers change. Economic fortunes change too. The borough of Collegeville hopes to stay ahead of it all, and it’s looking to public opinion for guidance.

The borough’s Business Development Committee, formed in January 2018, is marking its first anniversary with an online survey. The committee wants residents to talk about “what businesses you would like to see locate to our borough” and, more importantly, “the types of businesses you would frequent” and patronize.

Specifically, the committee hopes to learn “how we can make our business district more attractive and vibrant.”

The survey is available here. It takes only 5 minutes to answer 14 questions, according to the Collegeville Economic Development Corp., which promoted the Q-and-A Monday (Jan. 21, 2019) in its widely distributed e-mail newsletter.

Collegeville is at a crossroads of sorts, the corporation newsletter notes. “Twenty years ago, Collegeville Borough served as the commercial hub for the area. Now shoppers have many choices,” it observed.

“To stay competitive, we believe that Collegeville’s entire business district – the commercial buildings on First and Second Avenues, Main Street, the shopping centers, and Collegeville Station – need to attract additional interesting retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues,” it added.

The committee urges you to make a suggestion or two.

Photo from Usaf, used under a Creative Commons license