Trash Hauler Mascaro Building New Facilities

BIRDSBORO PA – J.P. Mascaro and Sons, the Audubon PA-based trash hauler and recycling company, said Wednesday (Jan. 23, 2019) it planned to build “two new transportation terminals to serve its growing business needs.” One will be located in nearby Birdsboro, in Berks County; the second in Franconia Township, Montgomery County.

Mascaro’s business “has increased significantly over the last decade,” it said in a statement, with the core of its operations in the five-county Philadelphia region. Due to past business growth and more anticipated in the future, according to company President Pat Mascaro, the two new terminals are needed “to enhance and modernize its transportation division operations.”

Both are expected to be completed within a two-year period at a cost of about $7 million, he added.

The Birdsboro terminal will be erected on Lincoln Road adjacent to Mascaro’s TotalRecycle single stream recycling facility, and to Pioneer Crossing, its regional disposal facility. The Franconia terminal is expected to be located on company-owned property next to an upgraded waste and recycling transfer station Mascaro already has under construction.

Both terminals “will be built with ergonomical considerations in mind, to provide the best and safest work atmosphere for company employees,” Vice President of Operations Michael Mascaro said. They also will have “modern offices, maintenance and storage areas, container restoration and painting bays, and efficient and environmentally contained truck-washing capabilities,” he added.

Photo from Google Images