Rid Yourself Of Appliances, Electronics Saturday

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – The electronic devices and appliances recycling event conducted periodically as a fund-raiser for Althouse Arboretum returns Saturday (March 2, 2019), with a lengthy list of materials that can be accepted, a familiar location that easily accommodates traffic,and a certified vendor that will ensure proper recycling of all items received.

The recycling program will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by GreenAllies, the arboretum’s non-profit manager, at the Hillside Aquatic Club parking lot, 134 W. Moyer Rd. Student volunteers from Pottsgrove High School and elsewhere will be on hand to assist in unloading vehicles.

A $10-per-vehicle donation covers recycling for an unlimited volume of electronic and other materials, including any scrap metal, small metal appliances, washers and dryers, dishwashers, ranges and stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and some flat screen monitors.

Additionally, the program will accept other items for recycling at additional fees to cover expenses. They include older model televisions and computer monitors.

Recycling will be handled by PAR Recycling Services. For more information, call 267-371-2288 or visit the arboretum website.

Photo from Google Images