Canning Offers Great Garden Tastes; Learn How

COLLEGEVILLE PA – With an abundance of planted tomatoes many area gardeners are preparing to harvest, Montgomery County’s Penn State Extension office believes now’s the time to make canning plans. It’s scheduled a July 31 (Wednesday, 2019) hands-on workshop on the boiling-water bath method for canning tomatoes from 6-8 p.m. in the Maple Room at the extension office, 1015 Bridge Road, Collegeville PA.

Produce can be preserved using several different methods, but this workshop will focus solely on canning tomatoes and tomato products. If you’re new to food preservation, according to extension staffers, “this is a great way to learn safe canning procedures.”

Learn the proper techniques now so you will be ready by harvest time. The workshop covers:

Basic equipment and supplies needed for food preservation;
Which foods are appropriate for water-bath or pressure canning;
The proper way to raw or cold pack food into canning jars; and
How to use a water-bath canner.

It also will offer a review of pressure canning and atmospheric steam canning.

The session costs $15 per person, and includes comprehensive canning information, instructional sessions, and a take-home canning project. Copies of “So Easy to Preserve,” the University of Georgia canning guide are available for sale. Those attending are advised to bring an apron, and wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Register online, here, or call 877-345-0691.

Photo from PxHere, used under a Creative Commons license