West-Mont, Soccer Shots Offer Joint Programs

COLLEGEVILLE PA – The West-Mont United Soccer Association, headquartered in Collegeville, and Harrisburg-based Soccer Shots have formalized a partnership they began in 2011, allowing West-Mont this year to officially rely on Soccer Shots in offering its soccer program to players between the ages of 2- and 5-years old at West-Mont fields.

From what Soccer Shots calls its participant pipeline, move-up players can then enter West-Mont “programs for more competitive play,” it added.

Both West-Mont and the Soccer Shots programs have been growing annually, they said Thursday (July 25, 2019) in a media release. The latest collaboration results from an earlier designation by U.S. Youth Soccer of Soccer Shots as its recognized 2-to-5-year-old program provider. U.S. Youth Soccer reportedly is “the largest youth sports organization in the country,” with more than 6,000 local clubs in 55 state associations.

“Partnering with Soccer Shots is a perfect fit” for West-Mont, its Executive Director Ian Dawson said. “We’ve found more families are eager to enroll their children in soccer at a younger age, and our partnership gives them the opportunity to do so.”

“When it comes to coaching and sportsmanship, we share and practice many of the same values,” James Gush, partner services director for Soccer Shots Southeast Pennsylvania, agreed. “We’re just working with children in a younger age group. With the help of this partnership, our dedicated team at Soccer Shots is excited to offer more families a curriculum that puts an emphasis on providing children with the tools to reach their full potential.”

Photo by Derek Jensen from Wikimedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license

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