Experience Pays, From PA To GA For Cambodia

GAINING ENGINEERING AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS – Pottstown High School senior Zachary Beekley (at far right in the group above), and about 200 other teens from across the country, this summer attended the Envision National Youth Leadership Forum for Engineering. It’s an eight-day program at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta where he gained “hands-on experience with math and science skills that can be applied to the real world of engineering,” the Pottstown School District reports. Pottstown teacher Andy Bachman nominated Beekley for the honor, during which he and his team members (also pictured) helped design a water system for the community of Krong Ban Lung, Cambodia. Beekley said his team relied on solar panels to power “a system to pump water from a nearby volcanic crater lake, Yeak Laom Lake, into a water tower, which used gravity to distribute the water to about 17,000 people.”

Photo from the Pottstown School District