Perkiomen Fire Company Contains Fluid Spill

Perkiomen Fire Company Contains Fluid SpillPERKIOMEN TOWNSHIP PA – A spill of hydraulic fluids Monday (Sept. 2, 2019) shortly after 1 p.m., from a rental truck being used to move appliances and other items at a housing complex in the 9200 block of Salem Road, brought out volunteers from the Perkiomen Township Fire Company to contain and clean up the potential contaminant, according to its Facebook page.

Engine 66 was on the scene, as well as several fire company members who spread absorbent and non-slip grit to contain and lessen the hazard’s effects, and also used absorbent socks to keep the fluid from entering nearby storm sewers. The fluid created a slick and shiny multi-colored sheen on water that remained in the adjacent parking area from earlier rain.

Pennsylvania State Police also responded to investigate.

Signage on the truck identified it as part of a fleet from a Philadelphia-based rental company. The fluid appeared in fire company photos to have originated from a tailgate lift.

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images