New Hanover Police Checking Vehicle Reports

GILBERTSVILLE PA – Reports of a “suspicious black vehicle that was observed in the parking lot of one of our daycare facilities” are being investigated by New Hanover Township Police, the department reported Monday (Sept. 23, 2019) on its Facebook page. Other law enforcement agencies also are involved in pursuing possible leads in the incident, it added.

Several social media posts initially identified the vehicle, and claimed it “was spotted lingering” Friday (Sept. 20) in a Swamp Pike parking lot. The driver of that vehicle reportedly sped off when approached. Other posts claimed the same car was also spotted on Middle Creek Road.

The department asked anyone with information on the vehicle to call it at 610-327-1150. In its post, it also reminded community residents for safety’s sake to

  • “Lock their vehicles and hide any valuables that may be inside, even if you are only going in for a minute; and
  • “Do not leave your vehicle running unattended with the keys inside.”

Photo from Google Images