New $1.5M Funding Heads To Pottstown Schools

POTTSTOWN PA – Pottstown schools are due to receive another $1.5 million in additional education funding under the 2019-2020 state general fund budget, 24th District state Sen. Bob Mensch announced Wednesday (Sept. 25, 2019).

The school district is considered severely under-funded compared to similar districts elsewhere in the state. It will use the money to support its spending needs, Mensch said, and offset the loss of tax revenue caused by the 2018 purchase of the formerly for-profit Pottstown Hospital by non-profit Tower Health.

This marks the second consecutive year in which Mensch said he has been able to obtain an extra allocation for borough schools. He secured an additional $1 million for the district in the state’s 2018-19 budget. Mensch also helped the district win a $250,000 grant during 2017 to combine with local fund-raising to buy new field lights at Grigg Memorial Stadium outside Pottstown High.

Mensch praised district Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez, who “truly has the educational and financial best interests of the district’s students and parents at heart. He cares deeply about the quality of education” in Pottstown, according to the senator. “I believe Superintendent Rodriguez and I enjoy a very good working relationship, and we share the concerns of the funding impacts,” Mensch added.

Administration building photo from Pottstown schools