Plant Cutting Party At Cuddy Park; You’re Invited!

Cutting Party At Cuddy Park; You're Invited!LOWER FREDERICK PA – As the Lower Frederick Parks and Recreation Board creates a guest roster for its latest “party,” scheduled for Nov. 24 (2019; Sunday) at 8 a.m. in Cuddy Park on Colonial Drive, township residents top the invitation list. And invasive plants that are already overwhelming parts of the property? They’re getting the heave-ho.

The park board is planning an “invasive plant removal work party” to be held rain or shine at the park, primarily to rid its landscape of autumn olive and other plants that are “crowding out our desirable native plants in the park.” On Wednesday (Nov. 6), during the township Board of Supervisors’ meeting, it issued an plea to the public for volunteer help with the project.

Autumn olive (at top) was introduced to the United States in the 1800s as an ornamental plant that also provides food and shelter for wildlife, according to the University of New Hampshire’s Extension unit. But in many areas – and according to the park board, 12-acre Cuddy Park is one of them – the plant “has escaped from cultivation and is progressively invading natural areas.”

Primarily the job for partiers will consist of cutting out the autumn olive and other undesirables, and carrying those materials to a chipper to be chopped and hauled away. Jacobs Tree Surgery, 252A Fulmer Rd., and owner Warren Jacobs are donating use of the chipping equipment, and the labor to operate it, to the effort.

Those willing to help are asked to wear closed-toe work shoes or boots, and to bring work gloves. Got some lopping shears and hand- or bow saws in your tool shed? Bring ’em; their use would be appreciated too, the board indicated.

Morning coffee and donuts will be supplied, and lunch will be served, too.

Advance registration for volunteer help would be appreciated. Sign up by sending an e-mail to, or call 610-287-7107.

Photo from University of New Hampshire