Dangerous Storm Spreads Sunday from PA to RI

A dangerous ice storm is in the making across part of the northeastern United States and will occur during a busy travel period for the tail end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, AccuWeather reported. In Montgomery County and surrounding areas, a winter weather advisory remains in effect Sunday (Dec. 1, 2019) until 4 p.m.

The ice is part of a complex, double-barreled system (at top) that will bring a foot of snow to parts of the Northeast through Monday (Dec. 2). The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation warned “all parts of the state could experience sleet and freezing rain, power outages and downed trees, depending on how temperatures settle in overnight.”

The storm brews as millions of students, families, and individuals are on the road Sunday.

A shallow layer of cold air and cold ground will create conditions that will allow a building up of ice, mainly in the form of freezing rain in some locations, the weather service predicted.

In some locations the ice storm may begin as snow and sleet. While either of the two can allow for some traction by foot or vehicle, several hours of freezing rain will lead to a dangerous and, in some cases, damaging glaze of ice.

Graphic from AccuWeather