Scammer Foiled Preying on Douglass TV Clients

DOUGLASS (BERKS) TOWNSHIP PA – Township residents should be wary of callers to their homes who claim to represent cable television and Internet services provider Comcast, and who suggest there are “several issues with their account” that need to be resolved, the Douglass (Berks) Police Department warned Wednesday (Dec. 4, 2019) in a Facebook post.

One such incident occurred earlier this week, involving “a male with Indian accent (who) called … and “tried to set up appointment to take care of issues” with a home owner, the department reported. “We believe this was an attempt to gather or confirm information about the resident,” it added.

The home owner later contacted Comcast and learned his account was in good order.

Police said the caller, apparently impersonating a technical support person, gave himself the name of “Jason Hall” and a return toll-free phone number of 800-421-0106. That number has been disconnected and is “already unreachable,” the department confirmed. And it added, “remember … do not give any personal information over the phone to anyone. If you’re unsure, contact us.”

Photo from Google Images