Pottstown Schools Promote 2020 Census Effort

RECRUITING FOR THE CENSUS – The Pottstown School District, which like other districts depends on federal and state funding driven with population data supplied by the U.S. Census, said Thursday (Dec. 26, 2019) it intends to both help recruit workers to conduct the 2020 Census, and to publicly share information about the every-10-years census effort. “As you know,” the district wrote, “political representation and numerous funding streams are based on population count as measured by the census … The district has agreed to assist the Census Bureau in encouraging residents to compete (a) 10-question survey that is scheduled to be mailed from the federal government in March.” A video (above), also available at the bureau’s YouTube channel, is one of several methods the government is using to promote the upcoming census

Video provided by the U.S. Census Bureau via YouTube