Archived: 2020 Pennsylvania Primary Elections

This curated collection of articles is intended to help readers of The Post better know people and understand issues involved in the June 2 (2020) Pennsylvania primary elections. Click on any headline to read a story at its source.

June 29, 2020

Pennsylvania’s nightmare 2020 voting scenario — and how to prevent it
The experience of this month’s Pennsylvania primary elections, coupled with Trump’s increasingly frequent false claims about mail voting, point to a troubling possibility in November. (The Inquirer)

June 19, 2020

Auditor’s race poses historic first for candidates of color
Both major political parties have nominated candidates of color in the Pennsylvania primary elections for state auditor general. Voters will for the first time elect a racial minority to lead a state executive office. (Associated Press)

June 18, 2020

Fifteen days after primary, some Pa. counties still finalizing election results
It’s been 15 days since the June 2 Pennsylvania primary elections. Several of Pennsylvania’s most populous counties – Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery among them – hadn’t wrapped up results as of Tuesday. (PA Post)

June 15, 2020

Action Urged to Improve Voting in November
Voting problems during the June 2 primary show where changes must be made to improve voting access for the general election, according to John Powers of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. (Public News Service)

June 13, 2020

Expanded vote-by-mail means having to open A LOT of envelopes
With thousands of ballots still uncounted 10 days after the Pennsylvania primary elections, policymakers are turning to how to improve the commonwealth’s election procedures before November. (PA Post)

June 12, 2020

Montgomery County officials still counting primary election ballots
Montgomery County election officials continue to count ballots from the June 2 primary election and said they don’t expect to have a final tally before next week. (Phoenix, Reporter and Item)

Counties want to begin work on election fixes now
Across the state, voting rights advocates and county officials agree the legislature must modify Pa.’s election code to avert disaster in November. And they say deliberations need to start now. (PA Post)

June 10, 2020

Pa. nonprofits find voting problems in primary election to fix before November
Some nonprofits teamed up to identify what major problems people had voting in the Pennsylvania primary elections last week — and to fix them before November’s general election. (KYW Newsradio)

June 8, 2020

PA Fair Election Advocates Hopeful Despite Difficulties
Despite the COVID pandemic, massive protests, and curfews in major cities, fair-election advocates say Tuesday’s primary in Pennsylvania appears to have gone pretty smoothly. (Public News Service)

Earlier …

DePasquale wins Democratic nomination to run for Congress
Eugene DePasquale, Pennsylvania’s outgoing state auditor general, has won the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Perry. (Associated Press)

Provisional ballots adding to delay in Pennsylvania primary results
More voters cast provisional ballots Tuesday because they hadn’t received their mailed ballot or feared it wouldn’t make the return deadline. Full unofficial results may be delayed until at least June 10. (PA Post, June 4)

Montgomery County election officials continue to count mail-in ballots
Montgomery County officials said Tuesday’s primary election, while not typical given the COVID-19 pandemic, went off without major problems at polling places as more people chose to vote by mail. (Phoenix, Reporter and Item, June 4)

Vote counting drags into 3rd day after Pennsylvania primary
Counting an avalanche of mail-in votes began a third day in Pennsylvania on Thursday as some races from Tuesday’s primary remained too close to call. (Associated Press, June 4)

Pennsylvania primary turnout high; 1.8M vote by mail
Turnout for the Pennsylvania primary election was quite high, and a record number of voters — about 1.8 million — cast their ballots by mail. (KYW Newsradio, June 3)

In County Democrat Vote, Sanders Showed Strength
No one doubted the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential primaries in Montgomery County or the state. If there was any local surprise, it may have been the continuing loyalty of Bernie Sanders’ supporters. (The Sanatoga Post, June 3)

Races Set for 26th, 146th, 147th House Districts
In the race for 26th District state representative, the contest appears to be Tim Hennessey vs. Frank Gillen. In the 146th, Joe Ciresi against Thomas Neafcy. And in the 147th, it’s Tracy Pennycuick and Jill Dennin. (The Sanatoga Post, June 3)

Minor Machine Issue Delays 4th District Voting
Between 4:30 and 5 p.m. Tuesday, people lined up to vote in Lower Pottsgrove’s 4th election district polls had to wait for a scanning machine problem to be fixed before they could cast their ballots. (The Sanatoga Post, June 3)

Groups reach out to Spanish-speaking voters
By the time Pennsylvanians head to the polls for Tuesday’s primary, many voters will have already cast ballots. They were allowed to vote by mail. The change may make voting easier for Spanish speakers. (PA Post)

Ruling gives blind voters accessible ballots for primary
A federal judge ordered Pennsylvania to make accessible write-in ballots available for disabled people who request them by 8 p.m. Friday, granting a request by a blind voter who does not want to vote in person. (Associated Press)

Montgomery County ‘pandemic primary’ presents challenges
It’s been dubbed the “pandemic primary” by Montgomery County officials. The road to Tuesday’s primary election include nervous poll workers, consolidated polling places, a vote-by-mail surge, mail-in ballot snafus and political sparring. (Phoenix, Reporter, and Item, May 30)

Mail-in voting could turn Election Day into Election Week
A shift to mail voting is increasing the chances that Americans will not know the winner of November’s presidential race on election night, a scenario that is fueling worries about whether President Donald Trump will use the delay to sow doubts about the results. (Associated Press, May 28)

Two contend for Democratic nomination in 26th House District
Two Democrats – Paul Friel, 50, and Frank Gillen, 27 – are competing in the June 2 primary election for the chance to run in November against Republican incumbent Tim Hennessey in the 26th House District. (Phoenix, Reporter and Item, May 28)

Six Democrats, one Republican vie to succeed DePasquale as auditor general
Democrat Eugene DePasquale has held the office of Pennsylvania attorney general since 2013. He is term limited, however, and running for the U.S. House of Representatives. That creates a vacancy six Democrats and one Republican are on the ballot seeking to fill. (PA Post, May 27)

Two seek GOP nod in 147th House Dist. primary race
The decision by Republican state Rep. Marcy Toepel not to seek another term representing the 147th House District has resulted in a primary election contest on June 2. Annamarie Scannapieco, a registered nurse from New Hanover, and Tracy Pennycuick, a retired military helicopter pilot from Lower Salford, are both seeking the Republican nomination. (Phoenix, Reporter and Item; May 26)

Tuesday Last Day To Obtain Mail-In Ballots
Tuesday (May 26, 2020) at 5 p.m. is the deadline to submit an application to Montgomery County Voter Services to vote by mail in Pennsylvania’s primary elections. (The Sanatoga Post, May 25)

County Offers Drive-or-Walk-Up Ballot Drops
Recognizing some Montgomery County residents have concerns about mailing their mail-in primary ballots, county officials are providing five sites where ballots can be securely dropped off. (The Sanatoga Post, May 25)

County Relocates Local Polls for June 2 Vote
Registered voters who plan physically to cast primary ballots June 2 at polls in Lower Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Limerick, and elsewhere should check a county list to see if they are temporarily moved. (The Sanatoga Post, May 22)

Montgomery County commissioners spar over primary election ballot boxes
A proposal to station five ballot boxes across the county stirred up tensions among elected leaders once again during Thursday’s Montgomery County Board of Elections meeting. (The Mercury, May 22)

Ciresi Wins Democrats Re-Election Endorsement
146th District state Rep. Joe Ciresi, who in early January declared himself a candidate for re-election, on Thursday won a unanimous endorsement vote from Montgomery County Democrats. (The Sanatoga Post, Feb. 2)

Limerick Supervisor Launches House Seat Bid
Limerick Township Board of Supervisors’ veteran Thomas Neafcy announced Monday he would seek the Republican nomination to oppose incumbent Democrat state Rep. Joe Ciresi in the November elections. The Sanatoga Post, Jan. 7)

Toepel Says She Won’t Seek Re-Election in 147th
State Rep. Marcy Toepel, who has served constituents in Gilbertsville, Douglass and New Hanover since 2010, said Tuesday she will retire next year and not seek re-election to her 147th District seat. (The Sanatoga Post, Dec. 4, 2019)