4,600+ Water Customers Advised to Boil Water

Those affected include a small area of properties in Upper Providence Township

4,600+ Water Customers Advised to Boil Water

LIMERICK PA – A boil water advisory, prompted by “a monitoring system malfunction,” was issued Thursday (Jan. 2, 2020) by Pennsylvania American Water for a substantial portion of Limerick Township, and much smaller areas in Lower Pottsgrove and Upper Providence townships, due to “an increased chance” that publicly supplied water “might contain disease-causing organisms,” the company said.

The advisory is likely to remain in place until sometime later today (Friday, Jan. 3), Pennsylvania American Water added. At 1 p.m. Thursday, it also set up four tanker trucks across the affected areas carrying free, fresh, potable water for those who want to fill their own canisters to keep at home for the interim. The tankers are available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily until the advisory is lifted.

Tankers are waiting at:

  • Limerick Municipal Building, 646 W. Ridge Pike, in the rear adjacent to the police department;
  • Limerick Diner, 411 Ridge Pike;
  • The parking lot for the commercial building at 640 N. Lewis Rd., across the street from D&L Drive; and
  • Giant Foods and Target in the Court at Upper Providence shopping center, 1824 Ridge Pike.

An estimated 4,635 customer properties, all located with Pennsylvania American Water’s Royersford water distribution system are affected, it reported. Properties within Royersford Borough are not included in the advisory, according to a statement.

A map supplied by the company (at top, and online here) shows affected areas are in

  • Limerick, from the western township line near Rupert Road east to Township Line Road at the border with Upper Providence, and from roughly Fruitville south to Linfield;
  • Upper Providence, from the western township line east to the western Trappe Borough border (Trappe is not affected), and from Wartman Road south roughly to Linfield-Trappe Road; and
  • Lower Pottsgrove, roughly from Snell Road east to the township line, and from Schaffer Road south to Evergreen and Lightcap Roads.

The utility attributed the problem to a “drop in positive water pressure due to a monitoring system malfunction.” Company crews “are working to normalize water pressure in the Royersford system and restore regular service to all customers, it said, and “will collect and analyze additional water quality samples, including bacteria samples,” over a 48-hour period.

At the least, that means the advisory might remain in place until early afternoon Friday.

Company representatives at two of the four tanker placements said monitoring computers appeared to have failed to accurately report the system’s status at the time of the pressure drop. The boil water advisory was issued in an abundance of caution, one said.

Affected residents could be seen arriving at tanker spots to bring water home in everything from 20-gallon containers to mason jars. After about six hours some tankers had distributed as much as 250 gallons of water, by one representative’s estimate.

Map from Pennsylvania American Water
Photos by The Post Publications

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