PennDOT Help Sought at Armand Hammer, 422

POTTSTOWN PA – Traffic exiting eastbound U.S. Route 422 at its Armand Hammer Boulevard interchange is occasionally creating a backlog of cars at the boulevard’s intersection with the four-lane limited access highway, Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz reported Monday (Jan. 6, 2020) to the township Board of Commissioners.

Build-ups of vehicles leaving 422 East, headed north on Armand Hammer toward East High Street, is creating a line of traffic southbound on Armand Hammer as some drivers await their turn to enter 422 East at about the same point, Foltz explained.

While the chief did not in any way label the situation as hazardous, his monthly report acknowledged the department had “received complaints” and was seeking alternatives “to mitigate the issue.” It’s asked the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to “look into the matter.”

Photo from Google Images