Paint Fumes Keeping Adult Center Closed Today

POTTSTOWN PA – The offices and member-usable spaces of the Tri-County Active Adult Center, 288 Moser Rd. Ste. 1, remain closed Thursday (Jan. 16, 2020) for the third consecutive day, because fumes from painting on the building’s exterior “have permeated” its interior, according to an e-mail distributed to center subscribers.

The problem may even persist into Friday (Jan. 17), it suggested.

The center’s troubles began when its staff reported the smell of paint fumes “was very strong” Tuesday (Jan. 14), “and we made the decision to close to protect our participants and staff members,” the e-mail explained. The center remained closed Wednesday (Jan. 15) as painters “continue(d) to work on the building,” it added.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience,” the e-mail noted, “but we are working to keep everyone safe as we finish the improvements to our building.”

“Painting is continuing” Thursday, they acknowledged, and while workers are making what was described as “good progress, even putting extra people on the job to get it done faster for us,” a decision about re-opening Friday won’t be made until later in the day, they added.

Call the center at 610-323-5009 “to check before coming in for programs,” the e-mail suggested.

Photo from Piqsels, used under a Creative Commons license