Riding for Transit Help in Pottstown, Collegeville

LOOKING FOR TRANSIT SOLUTIONS – State Reps. Joe Ciresi (standing at top) and Joe Webster, both of whom represent western Montgomery County residents in the Pennsylvania House, made a more than two-hour commute Thursday (Feb. 6, 2020) by Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Transportation Authority bus and train from Pottstown and Collegeville, respectively, to Center City Philadelphia. The two state lawmakers wanted to illustrate what they said was “the tremendous amount of time and effort commuters experience every day heading to work.” They were later joined on the trip by SEPTA officials. Ciresi said he wants “to work with city, county, and state officials and agencies to improve” mass transit options.

Photo from Rep. Joe Ciresi

  1. If they can’t return commuter rail anytime soon, what would help are possibly express buses between Pottstown and Norristown and equip the traffic lights (along ridge pike/high street where the bus travels on between pottstown and norristown) with some kind of mechanism that lets the bus driver wirelessly turn red lights green to speed up travel times. Also, to help with late night commuters, and people who like to go to the city on the weekends, maybe add one or two post-midnight buses that coincide with the last regional rail train of the day arriving at norristown

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