Utility Pole’s A Little Close, President Says

Utility Pole's A Little Close, President SaysLOWER POTTSGROVE PA – For Lower Pottsgrove Commissioners‘ President Bruce Foltz, and now apparently for officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as well, the installation of a utility pole only inches (at top and right) from the asphalt intersection of North Pleasant View and Bliem roads is just a little too close for comfort.

A line of utility poles that stretched from the intersection north for a few hundred feet up North Pleasant View was relocated earlier this year by PECO, in part to provide space for road widening and turn lanes there. Placement of the pole closest to the intersection prompted Foltz, during recent Board of Commissioners’ meetings, to raise concern about its potential for accidents.

The pole has been noticed by PennDOT officials too. They met Monday (Feb. 24, 2020) with the township engineer, township staff members, and PECO representatives to talk about hazards the pole might pose and what remedial action, if any, may be taken, according to Lower Pottsgrove engineering representative Chad Camburn of Bursich Associates.

No decisions have been made yet; PennDOT and PECO are examining options, Camburn added. Moving the pole could encroach on a right-of-way at the intersection’s northwest side that is reserved for the future straightening of Bleim and its direct connection to Pruss Hill Road. Another meeting is possible in two weeks, he said.

Photos by The Post Publications