Sunday A Day For Three-of-a-Kind Signage

WEST POTTSGROVE PA – There were plenty of businesses open and operating Sunday (March 15, 2020) at the Upland Square Shopping Center on Route 100 in West Pottsgrove. Some qualified as essential under the most recent coronavirus containment definitions, like the Target and Giant Supermarket there. Others? Not so much.

Several stores at Upland were complying, though, including a row of three (at top): Staples, Famous Footwear, and Ulta Beauty. All had posted signs on their front doors, explaining to customers – as Staples did – that “safety and security” was a “top priority as we navigate the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact on our work and personal lives.”

Sunday A Day For Three-of-a-Kind Signage

Target had its own signs (above), inside the store, dealing primarily with the swell of humanity searching for scarce and coveted products like hand sanitizer, hand soap, and toilet paper. One prominently announced that purchases of toilet paper and flushable wipes would be limited to one package each per guest.

If that didn’t frustrate buyers, the nearby empty shelving and lack of anything to pay for probably did.

Photos by The Post Publications