Coronavirus Put You Out of Work? Help’s Possible

HARRISBURG PA – Coronavirus is creating as much havoc with the local economy as it is with human health, experts agree. Now the state of Pennsylvania is supplying resources that could help business owners put employees back to work. It’s also offering interim assistance for employees unable to return to a job due to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to 24th District state Sen. Bob Mensch.

State Help For Displaced Workers

“Employees who are unable to work because of COVID-19 may be eligible for unemployment compensation or workers’ compensation,” Mensch advised Tuesday (March 17, 2020).

Be forewarned: not everyone qualifies. Learn if you do by consulting state Department of Labor and Industry guidance on the issue. Find it online from the department’s Office of Unemployment Compensation, here.

Montgomery County Help for Displaced Workers

Montgomery County’s Commerce Department is working to “to disseminate information and ensure the every effort to help our workforce, our communities, and our employers is done collaboratively,” county Director of Commerce David Zellers wrote Tuesday.

Although the department is closed to the public through March 30 due to coronavirus, Zellers offered a document (download it here) that provides information on contacting the Unemployment Compensation office, using its live chat feature, and access to online career seminars and the county’s PA Career Link program.

State Help For Business Owners

Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development is expected to offer loans that could assist businesses affected by COVID-19, Mensch said. Information will be posted to a department webpage, here, as it becomes available.

The state’s Strategic Early Warning Network, administered by the Department of Labor and Industry, offers resources to help small and medium-sized business. That can include business planning resources and contingency planning. Information is available from the Steel Valley Authority website, here.

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry also has a webpage dedicated to helping businesses deal with coronavirus concerns. It’s here.

Montgomery County Help for Business Owners

Zellers recommended:

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