Serving The Needy, Non-Profits Have Needs Too

POTTSTOWN PA – Non-profit organizations across western Montgomery County, which care for and provide services to area residents of greatest need, during the age of coronavirus are finding themselves in need too. They’re looking for funds to keep operations running; for volunteers, who are otherwise heeding recommendations to stay at home; and of supplies so they can work remotely themselves.

To help them, the leadership program of the Pottstown-based TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce said in a Thursday (March 19, 2020) e-mail that it had created a webpage “to record community needs during this time of quarantine and uncertainty.”

Organizations that have needs they want to share, or resources they can share with other non-profits, were encouraged to post either on the site. The information is being shared with the TriCounty Community Network, also headquartered in Pottstown, which has pledged to update the county and local funders on the contents of the list.

“The goal,” the chamber said, “is to meet as many community needs as possible during this time!”

Non-profit directors and employees also are collaborating on best ways to get their work done away from their offices, most of which are closed during the pandemic.

TriCounty Community Network noted many organizations are “already operating on razor-thin margins” and will be “challenged to continue their work with even fewer resources.” It’s also compiling information on low-cost or free web-based tools and resources that can help them accomplish their tasks.

Business owners who may be in a position to offer resources, materials, or that rarest of commodities – a donation – to the network for the purpose should call it at 610-850-0181 or send an e-mail to; or to Leadership Tri-County Director Jennifer O’Donnell at

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