Get Down on the Floor, Exercise with the Kids

POTTSTOWN PA – If staying at home is making you feel more than a little antsy, and your children are bouncing off the walls, the YWCA TriCounty Area is offering a fun way to help you and them get up and move around.

The YW, on West King Street, has an antidote for that cabin fever: virtual fitness sessions in the privacy of your living room, being broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. The program, called “YW Champs,” is a fitness and nutrition series primarily for pre-school children. The YW provides it to 14 pre-school classrooms in its market area with support from the Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation.

Live programming onsite at its West King facilities and elsewhere currently is suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.

In coming editions of the show, “Miss Kelly” Earnshaw of the YW Youth Empowerment Program presents real-time sessions at Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 a.m. each on the YW Facebook page, and pre-recorded ones on YouTube.

All ages benefit from these fun exercise routines, the YW said in a media release. They mix cardio, strength, stretching, balance, yoga, and breathing over 30 minutes, and are intended to get participants moving and manage stress. Earnshaw also offers suggestions for healthy snacks.

Photo from the YWCA TriCounty Area