Account Opened to Preserve Township Open Space

Account Opened to Preserve Township Open Space
Acreage on Colonial Drive bought by the township during 2008 added to its open space

LOWER FREDERICK PA – Conservationists and others who value the beauty of Lower Frederick‘s landscape, and are interested in preserving its open space for future generations, now have an opportunity to make that happen with personal contributions.

The township recently received a $250 check earmarked for that purpose, and its Board of Supervisors reasoned other donors may want to contribute too. During their March 10 (2020) meeting, board members established a “voluntary open space fund” account at Victory Bank. Donations for “preserving land in or acquiring land for open space uses” will be received and saved there, they agreed.

Township Manager Mark Hudson acknowledges the cost of buying real estate keeps going up, given developers’ competing interests in bidding for the same vacant ground in which Lower Frederick might be interested. Substantial sums, probably far more than gifts the public might offer, can be involved in snapping up acreage.

But Hudson also said he recognizes the power of “people who are committed” to open space preservation and other causes. With the fund, he said, supervisors have supplied a way for contributors to offer “money for an opportunity if land becomes available.” Besides, he added, some valuable open space purchases like “anything along a creek, or that might be a trail connection” could be more affordable.

Supervisors have made it known, according to Hudson, that they welcome help from others who can set aside money toward the goal, even if township currently cannot. A page filled with information on local open space initiatives also is part of the township website, here; and Lower Frederick’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is working to ensure recommendations on natural resources and open space are part of its final report.

If you’d like to participate in the fund, call Hudson at 610-287-8857 or send him an e-mail to Township staffers have been working remotely since March 23 to comply with Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus-related stay-at-home order, so the township municipal building is closed.

Supervisors are tentatively scheduled to next meet April 7.

Photo from the Montgomery County Planning Commission

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