Sheriff’s Foreclosure Sales List Keeps Growing

NORRISTOWN PA – A total of 111 properties in western Montgomery County, almost half of them located in the borough of Pottstown, are listed for sale by May 27 (2020) through the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as a result of foreclosure proceedings brought against their owners or other responsible parties, county records show.

The lengthy list may be just the tip of the county’s overall distressed housing iceberg, because the foreclosure view reflected by its western half represents only 14 of 69 mailing address cities with properties on the sheriff’s full list. In the west, locations and the number of parcels advertised in alphabetic order on a foreclosure sales listing page as available include:

  • Collegeville, 8;
  • Gilbertsville, 11;
  • Green Lane, 1;
  • Harleysville, 4;
  • Limerick, 1;
  • Mont Clare, 1;
  • Pennsburg, 9;
  • Perkiomenville, 7;
  • Phoenixville, 2;
  • Pottstown, 54;
  • Royersford, 7;
  • Schwenksville, 4;
  • Trappe, 1; and
  • Upper Pottsgrove, 1.

Although the sheriff’s office lists the properties by city of mailing address, each may include several affected townships and boroughs. Both residential and commercial properties are listed. Some owners owe comparatively small amounts; some bear debts valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Classified advertising pages Sunday (April 13, 2020) in printed newspapers of record across the county were chocked full notices of indicating the unhappy state of some owners’ financial affairs. Moreover, Sheriff Sean Kilkenny indicates the number of cases is growing from bad to worse.

His office has instituted a new cut-off sale day time of 11 a.m. to process changes or dispositions, such as payments that would bring threatened properties off the list. “As the volume of cases increase, sufficient time is needed to process information. This change will allow time to compile the reports necessary to begin the sale promptly without straining our resources,” it wrote.

Dealing with the backlog won’t force a property into sale, however. “Any changes that occur after that time will be amended during the sale by the plaintiff’s attorney when the property is announced,” it added.

Most properties listed had been scheduled for sale on April 29, but the coronavirus outbreak has prompted the sale to be postponed to May 27. The extra month could yield a reprieve for some owners to scratch enough money together to remove their parcels from the list.

In an effort to be helpful, the sheriff also includes a link with resources labeled “How to save your house from foreclosure.”

Photo from Google Images