Crew Dislodges, Removes Rubble at Creek Bridge

LOWER FREDERICK PA – A work crew from Sacks and Sons in Zieglerville relied Monday (April 20, 2020) on a dump truck, a crawler excavator, and chain saws to remove a growing pile of rubble and debris that blocked one of the openings beneath the Zieglerville Road bridge that crosses Goshenhoppen Creek.

Work Crew Dislodges, Removes Creek Rubble
Working from atop the Zieglerville Road bridge over Goshenhoppen Creek

Two men were in the creek bed, water swirling around their booted feet, as they wielded chain saws and other tools to dislodge tree trunks and limbs, trash and junk, hardened sediment, and various sized stones from the mound at the northeast face of the bridge.

Several more were atop the bridge roadway, directing those in the creek, the excavator cab, and the truck. At one point, when a 16-foot length of tree truck was positioned to be hauled out, those manning the saws were asked to cut the piece into four-foot sections for manageability.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which had earlier inspected the bridge, was concerned the blockage would grow larger and more dangerous if left untended, and ordered it removed. A portion of Zieglerville Road including the bridge, from Gravel Pike east to Goshen Road, was closed Monday so the work could be completed.

Work Crew Dislodges, Removes Creek Rubble
Preparing to haul that junk away

Photos by The Post Publications