Four Cars Involved in Crashes on Willow Street

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – A woman described as “elderly” by Upper Pottsgrove police was driving in her car Wednesday (April 22, 2020) at 3:55 p.m., headed south on the 900 block of Willow Street, when officers said she lost control of the vehicle and within minutes struck two stationary cars, as well as a third car moving north on Willow just past its intersection with Mulberry Street.

Four Cars Involved in Crashes on Willow Street

No one was reported injured, although a Goodwill Ambulance (above) responded to the scene it case it was needed.

Names of the individuals involved have not yet been released. There was no information immediately available on what may have caused the driver’s loss of control, and no indication of what if any traffic violations might be charged.

Concerned neighbors said they were drawn outside by the first sounds of the crashes. As three police department patrols arrived and officers began their investigation, the onlookers were seen standing on lawns and front porches, talking among themselves about the spectacle.

At least three of the four vehicles involved incurred substantial damage and were towed from the scene. Accident debris littered a roughly 100-foot stretch along Willow.

Four Cars Involved in Crashes on Willow Street

As they waited to talk with police, one of the vehicles’ occupants sat in a car with its driver-side door open, and a second perched on a curb only feet away from her car. A third slowly paced around his vehicle, occasionally pushing at a damaged bumper or fender, and shaking his head.

By about 4:40 p.m. officers were completing their work and put in calls for tow trucks. A portion of Willow between Mulberry and Master streets was barricaded for a time by police patrol units, but there was little traffic and almost no travel disruption in the usually quiet residential area.

Photos by The Post Publications