NorCo Police Searching for ATV, Driver, Owner

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Township police are asking for public help in their attempt to identify the owner or driver of an all-terrain vehicle (above) that was seen Saturday (April 25, 2020) traveling on several local roads and streets, and which later nearly struck a patrol car as it avoided being stopped, the North Coventry Police Department reported.

Officers said they spotted an open, orange-colored, four-wheeled ATV as it traveled west on Route 724, then north toward Pottstown on South Hanover Street, and then on East Main Street before its driver piloted it into a nearby wooded area. The driver later exited back onto East Main “and almost struck a police car,” they alleged.

The vehicle appears to be a Yamaha Raptor model manufactured sometime between 2015 and 2019. The driver was helmeted and gloved as he was photographed splashing through puddles on the street during the ride.

Anyone with information on the owner, the driver operating it at the time, or vehicle is asked to call the department at 610-323-8360, or anonymously submit a tip on its CrimeWatch website, here.

Photo from the North Coventry Police Department