One Injured In Friday Morning Limerick Accident

LIMERICK PA – A female driver, the sole occupant of a four-door white Toyota sedan, was injured Friday (May 15, 2020) in a motor vehicle accident that according to Montgomery County dispatchers occurred shortly after 4:15 a.m. in the 100 block of Wentworth Circle in Limerick Township.

The accident scene, near the south intersection of Wentworth and Turnberry Drive, swarmed with first responders who successfully rescued the woman trapped inside the car (at top).

One Injured In Friday Morning Limerick Accident

She was transported (above) by a Trappe Fire Company ambulance to a local hospital for emergency medical assistance. A fire police volunteer said the woman seemed to be alert and could communicate with responders when they arrived. Both Limerick Police Department officers and Limerick Fire Department firefighters could be seen talking with her as ambulance crew members prepared to move the gurney on which she waited.

Police have not yet released details regarding the woman’s name, age, or hometown, or a possible cause of the accident.

A small crowd of neighbors on both sides of the residential street watched as fire department members used tools to sheer off parts of the vehicle’s windshield, roof, and passenger-side doors to gain access to the victim. The car had come to rest on its driver’s side, and rescuers carefully cut their way through metal and fabric to reach and extricate the woman. Temporary steel struts and wood braced the underside of the car (at top) to keep it from shifting.

One Injured In Friday Morning Limerick Accident

Glass and metal shards littered the street. They were brushed aside as firefighters attempted to clear a path covering the distance from the overturned car to the waiting ambulance.

  • Editor’s Note: This story was updated May 18 (2020; Monday) to include additional detail from, and a link to, a report on the accident by the Limerick Fire Department.

Photos by The Post Publications