For Safety’s Sake, Don’t Burn Within Township

SANATOGA PA – Put the matches down, Lower Pottsgrove Emergency Management Coordinator and Commissioner Ray Lopez asks.

Lopez reminds residents that open burning within the township is prohibited under its ordinances and adopted codes. He’s concerned that those who take advantage of stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus outbreak, and use their available time for yard work, will burn yard waste materials rather than wait for them to be hauled away.

That’s a punishable offense, but more important is the need for public safety, Lopez noted during the Board of Commissioners’ May 4 meeting. Fire companies and departments in several western Montgomery County boroughs and townships, during the past week alone, have responded to a variety of grass and field fires prompted in part by changing weather conditions.

The township’s next scheduled collection of appropriately bagged yard waste is scheduled for June 1.

Photo by harutmovsisyan via Pixabay and NeedPix, used under a Creative Commons license