Tuesday Last Day To Obtain Mail-In Ballots

MAIL-IN BALLOT DEADLINE — Tuesday (May 26, 2020) at 5 p.m. is the deadline to submit an application to Montgomery County Voter Services to vote by mail in the Pennsylvania primary. This primary represents the first time Commonwealth residents can apply for mail-in ballots. Election officials suggest voting by mail can offer those who may be concerned about, or more vulnerable to, coronavirus a safe and secure way to cast their votes. More than 1 million Pennsylvania voters so far have applied to cast mail-in ballots in this year’s primary election. Information about and applications to obtain mail-in ballots are available online at http://votespa.com. Completed primary ballots must be received at the county election office by June 2 at 8 p.m. Those who prefer to vote in person are reminded that polling places may have changed in some local boroughs and townships.