Supervisors: Limerick ‘Thwarted’ Vandals Targeting Outlets During Weekend

LIMERICK PA – The Philadelphia Premium Outlets on West Lightcap Road were prospectively targeted by vandals twice during the past weekend (May 30-31, 2020), but they were turned back by a show of force consisting of Limerick Police Department officers and other law enforcement agencies, the Board of Supervisors reported in a statement published Monday (June 1) on the township website.

“Law-breakers arrived in Limerick on Saturday night (May 30) on the grounds of the Philadelphia Premium Outlet Mall. Not content with the damage they inflicted throughout the day in Philadelphia, they felt the need to expand their crime wave. Thanks to a sufficient show of force by Limerick and surrounding police departments, these criminals were thwarted in their efforts,” the statement by the five-member board said.

It did not offer details about how many prospective looters arrived or when, or how many patrols from neighboring police departments supplemented those of Limerick. It did not describe any acts of confrontation or violence, or report if anyone was arrested. There was no mention of the incidents on the Limerick Police Department Facebook page.

It claimed, however, that “those who now take to the streets to riot, damage property, loot, and cause civil unrest,” such as that “inflicted throughout the day in Philadelphia … felt the need to expand their crime wave” at the outlets.

Again “on Sunday evening (May 31), FBI reports noted that social media posts were encouraging their members to take to the streets, and Limerick was noted again as a potential target,” the statement continued. “In cooperation with county and regional police departments, a force of over 40 officers were on patrol within our community to answer any criminal activity that may have occurred,” it added.

“The Limerick board thanks all our men and women in blue who helped protect our community, homes, businesses and lives, not only over the past few days but each and every day. We will stay diligent in our efforts to protect Limerick, and pledge to help our neighbors as well who may need similar support,” it promised.

In their 435-word message, supervisors Thomas J. Neafcy, Kara Shuler, Michael J. McCloskey III, Patrick M. Morroney, and Kenneth W. Sperring Jr. also reacted to and condemned Minneapolis MN police officers’ actions in last week’s death of civilian George Floyd. The incident, in which an officer has been charged with murder, sparked nationwide protests.

Board members said “these rogue officers have diminished the positive police reforms arising from similar tragic incidents that have occurred across this nation over the past several years. Equal and unbiased protection for all is not an issue that needs to be debated. The Board works closely with the entire Township Police Department to ensure this basic constitutional right is demonstrated at all times, as they work to protect our Limerick community.”

“Limerick is proud of our team of highly trained and professional officers who demonstrate on a daily basis, and under increasingly difficult situations, that equal protection under the law is a mantra embedded in the fabric of the entire department,” it stated.

Photo from the Limerick Police Department via Facebook