At Pottsgrove Middle, Band Practice Molds Minds

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Viewers of a year-end video (above) released Wednesday (June 10, 2020) to YouTube by Pottsgrove Middle School band leader and music teacher Ben Hayes are likely to enjoy the band’s performances, the images of Pottstown-based professional portrait photographer Gary Houk, and an impressive cluster of awards its musicians collected during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Profound acknowledgments of how music education anywhere benefits students, and helps them succeed in other endeavors, also appear at roughly minute 13 of the 19-minute show. At that point, 8th-grade band members themselves voluntarily answer the question, “What has band meant to you over the past three years?”

“It was a way to blow off some steam by blowing hot air into my saxophone,” one admits with a smile, but added, “I always felt accepted and important because every piece of the puzzle was needed to be able to make good music.”

“It’s taught me to become interested and invested in my talents,” adds a second. “And keeping my (practice) routine has been important to this talent.”

Hayes closes the video with a final turn of the camera around the band room, just “in case you forget,” he told students. As of Friday morning (June 12) it had been seen by 112 viewers.

Photo and video from the Pottsgrove School District via YouTube