Want to Pay Taxes in Person? Schwenksville Collector Ready

SCHWENKSVILLE PA – Changes to the collection schedule of taxes owed to both the borough and the Perkiomen Valley School District will cause borough Tax Collector Thomas Laconis to spend a few extra hours over coming months sitting and waiting for taxpayers to arrive, if they choose to part with their money in person rather than by mail.

Members of both the Borough Council and the district Board of School Directors extended payment due dates and in some cases reduced penalty fees to accommodate taxpayers hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The state estimates potentially thousands of valley residents remain without jobs after their employers temporarily or permanently closed under pandemic restriction orders.

For collection of borough and county taxes, Laconis earlier announced he would be available at borough hall, 140 Main St. on the following dates and times:

  • Thursday (June 25, 2020), 5-7 p.m.,
  • Saturday (June 27), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • June 30 (Tuesday), noon to 2 p.m.,
  • July 25 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • July 30 (Thursday), 5-7 p.m., and
  • July 31 (Friday), noon to 2 p.m.

For collection of school district taxes, Laconis reported Thursday (June 18) on his Facebook page that no August hours are planned. However, he again will be at borough hall on these dates and times:

  • Sept. 12 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • Sept. 14 (Monday), noon to 2 p.m.,
  • Sept. 15 (Tuesday), when the first installment payment of school taxes is due), 3-5 p.m.,
  • Sept. 24 (Thursday), 4-6 p.m.,
  • Sept. 26 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • Sept. 30 (Wednesday, when the tax discount period ends), 3-5 p.m.,
  • Oct. 10 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • Oct. 13 (Tuesday), noon to 2 p.m.,
  • Oct. 15 (Thursday, when the second installment is due), 3-5 p.m.,
  • Nov. 13 (Friday), noon to 2 p.m.,
  • Nov. 14 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • Nov. 16 (Monday), when the third installment is due), 3-5 p.m.,
  • Dec. 12 (Saturday), 10 a.m. to noon,
  • Dec. 15 (Tuesday), when the fourth and last installment is due), 3-5 p.m. Be forewarned: this will be the last day on which payments by personal checks can be accepted, and
  • Dec. 30 (Wednesday), noon to 2 p.m. Only certified checks or money orders will be accepted as payment.

Photo by Malissa Lott via Usaf, used under a Creative Commons license