Legislature Passes Day Care Operator Requirements

HARRISBURG PA – Family homes where child daycare services are offered must have a smoke detector on each floor and in their basements, and a portable fire extinguisher available, under new legislation approved by the Pennsylvania House and Senate and sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature.

The law also requires day care center operators, as part of a state Human Services Department inspection, to confirm the provider maintains maintains a written emergency plan, fire drill log, and posted evacuation routes.

It was introduced to the legislature for consideration in response to a fire last year in Erie PA in which five young children died, 24th District state Sen. Bob Mensch reported Monday (June 29, 2020). He represents portions of western Montgomery County, and voted for its passage.

Extinguisher photo by Chitsu San, and flames photo by Alexas Fotos, both via Pixabay, used under license