Pottsgrove Introduces First of Re-opening Plans

Pottsgrove High School’s Marching Band (at top) in practice as it prepared for an upcoming season … seven years ago, on Aug. 13, 2013.

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – When it meets next Tuesday (July 14, 2020) the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors will be presented with, and according to its superintendent asked to approve, the first of what may be several plans to prepare for re-opening school buildings this fall as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The district is starting with basics. Athletics teams and the high school marching band want to begin practicing for competitions they hope lie ahead in the 2020-2021 academic year, and the board will review and vote on the district’s proposed “Health and Safety Plan for Athletics & Marching Band.”

In a letter distributed Tuesday (July 7, 2020) to district constituencies, and in a video posted to Vimeo (above), Superintendent Dr. William Shirk announced the 33-page athletics plan had already been written and is now publicly available for download, here.

If directors agree, he added, the athletic plan was expected to be put in place by July 20 (Monday). A follow-up plan for “Health and Safety (in) Returning to School” is still being developed, he added.

Additionally, Shirk said, the district has established a new webpage, here, that it intends to use as the focus of documents and community discussion related to students’ return to education. A majority of parents surveyed during June favor having students go back into their buildings with accompanying safety measures.

Shirk said he envisions the webpage to serve three purposes: to provide easy access to current and archived district communications regarding the pandemic and the Pottsgrove responses to it, to display re-opening plans that are being developed, and to create community conversations where anyone can ask questions of or make comments on the district’s progress toward re-opening.

As of Wednesday (July 8), 12 comments or questions were already posted to the conversation page, here, but there were no responses cataloged yet from district representatives.

“Pottsgrove will continue to update the community as we move closer to finalizing a decision on what the re-opening of school will look like in 2020-21,” Shirk pledged in his letter. “Again, thank you for your continued support,” he added.

File photo from The Post Publications archives