Local Food Banks’ Distributor Receives Grant

PHILADELPHIA PA – Philabundance, the Philadelphia-based regional food bank that delivers goods for local distribution by most food pantries in western Montgomery County, was one of three recipients of more than $200,000 in Empowering Health grants presented by United Healthcare, the Public News Service reported Friday (July 10, 2020).

The grants, also given to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the Preeclampsia Foundation, are intended to help underserved Pennsylvanians during the COVID-19 crisis.

UHC’s goal is “helping them get more access to health care,” according to its vice president of community and strategic partnerships, Corey Coleman. “Helping them get more access to fresh foods and fresh vegetables, and additional services that they may need in their communities.”

Social distancing, food insecurity, and social isolation are among the most urgent problems facing underserved communities during the pandemic, Coleman added.

Photo by Joel Muniz via Unsplash, used under license