Park Picnics Introduce Eastern Berks Regional Police

BOYERTOWN PA – With its June 1 (2020) launch successfully completed, the new Eastern Berks Regional Police Department – a merger of the Boyertown and Colebrookdale police departments to provide law enforcement coverage for Boyertown and Bechtelsville boroughs and Colebrookdale Township – is informally introducing itself to the public, and busy recruiting and hiring new officers.

The department held a well-received meet-and-greet event Saturday (July 11, 2020) in the Bechtelsville Park near its pavilion, with hot dogs, burgers, and sodas supplied by Barrel & Ale in New Berlinville, and Iezzi’s in Boyertown.

It’s goal is simple, the department explained on Facebook: “We’re hoping these little gatherings will resemble a picnic or reunion … environment, where people will just take a short break from their yard work and come relax for a bit. We’ll listen to or answer questions about complaints or concerns within the community, or just work at getting to know each other.”

Similar events are planned for Aug. 15 in Colebrookdale’s Liberty Park, and Sept. 12 (both also Saturdays) at the Rohrbach Pavilion in Boyertown Community Park. Chief Barry Leatherman pledged to be available for both, just as he was in Bechtelsville.

The merger was authorized during December 2019 under an intergovernmental agreement between leaderships of the municipalities, the chief noted on the department’s website. They recognized “the challenges of maintaining professional, modern police service that would continue to meet the needs of the community in a changing society well into the future,” he wrote, as well as the “potential benefits of inter-municipal cooperation.”

To that end, the department has been recruiting for officers. Qualified candidates have already submitted their applications and been through a first round of testing.

It told them the agency was “seeking to establish a reputation as a progressive, professional organization, and to earn the trust and respect of the community” and wanted “highly motivated, disciplined candidates who are prepared to work hard, and engage with the department and the community as a member of a team.”

Photo from the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department website