S-F Sixth Grade’s Grace Clark Art Contest Winner

MECHANICSBURG PA – Grace Clark, a sixth-grade student at Spring-Ford Intermediate School in Upper Providence, has been named the third-place winner in the eastern portion of the “2020 Protect Our Watersheds Art Contest” sponsored by the Pennsylvania American Water Company. Her work (in full, below) was singled out from nearly 70 entries submitted by fourth through sixth graders from across the state.

S-F Sixth Grade's Grace Clark Art Contest Winner

A Luzerne County fifth-grader won the first-place award, and another fifth-grade student in Cumberland County took second place. Pennsylvania American reported that Clark and all other winners received a yard sign with their artwork and the company’s congratulations printed for the public to see.

The contest required each entry to be accompanied by a short description of how watershed protection affects them personally. After reviewing the entries, a panel of judges selected three top drawings from both eastern and western Pennsylvania.

“With increasing emphasis on environmental education in schools, we are seeing more students take an active role in watershed preservation and protection,” company President Mike Doran said. Activities like the art contest help “remind us that we all have a part in protecting our water sources,” he added.

Photo of Grace Clark’s artwork supplied by Pennsylvania American Water