Upset Sale of Properties in Township to Proceed

STOWE PA – West Pottsgrove Township’s Board of Commissioners declined an offer Wednesday (July 15, 2020) from the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau to temporarily suspend marketing for sale two properties on which delinquent township taxes have been owned since 2018 or earlier.

The bureau proposed the delay, township Manager Craig Lloyd said during the board’s workshop meeting, as a gesture to real estate owners in light of financial hardships imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Similar offers apparently also are being made to other municipalities involved with the tax bureau.

The parcels are scheduled to be part of the bureau’s annual “Upset Sale,” currently planned for Sept. 24 at 10 a.m. in Norristown. Neither the owners or the addresses of the properties to be posted for sale were mentioned.

The tax delinquencies occurred years before the pandemic struck, and apparently have not been paid since. In the interim, Lloyd noted, the township assumed responsibility and costs for some maintenance. Board members generally agreed the sales should proceed as planned.

The hope, commissioners indicated, is that current owners will find the money to pay taxes due and salvage the properties themselves, or that responsible bidders will purchase one or both parcels and return them to the tax rolls.

Results of the bureau’s 2019 upset sale show that, of slightly more than 100 properties “exposed” for sale, 46 were purchased at prices ranging from $1,350 to $400,000. One of the listed properties was within West Pottsgrove, but it did not sell.

Photo by Joe Gratz via Wikimedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license