School Director Scott Hutt Resigns; Successor Sought

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove Board of School Directors member Scott Hutt tendered his immediate resignation to the school district during Tuesday’s (July 16, 2020) board meeting, offering his regrets but saying – with broad smile – that he accepted a new job and would be unable to fulfill his duties to the district as a result.

Hutt did not mention who his new employer was, or the nature of the work to come, but his board colleagues and district administrators apparently knew and kept the secret. Each congratulated him on the position and praised his work with the board. “It’s been a pleasure being part of this,” he responded. “Thanks for the opportunity.”

With Hutt’s departure, Pottsgrove solicitor Marc Davis reminded remaining directors, the clock starts ticking on finding and designating his successor. The board has 30 days in which to name a director; if they don’t fulfill the obligation within the allotted time, a successor could be decided by judicial appointment.

The complication, Davis noted, is that the district also is grappling with the issue of reopening schools this fall as the coronavirus pandemic continues. He urged the board, and it readily agreed, to direct district administrators to start the process of attracting candidates interested in the job and planning for board interviews.

Scott Hutt screenshot photo taken during Wednesday’s board meeting
District office photo by The Post