‘Grove Timeline: Parents Have Week to Declare Choices

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Clarifications of the education information “reopening timeline” issued Thursday (July 16, 2020) by the Pottsgrove School District, as requested by The Post in response to reader e-mail and social media inquiries, have been offered by the district.

The timeline letter written by Superintendent Dr. William Shirk seemed to indicate district parents would be asked to decide July 23 (Thursday) – only one day after Pottsgrove intends to discuss return-to-education options in a (July 22; Wednesday) town hall meeting forum – on which option they preferred for their students. Parents, on Facebook forums and in comments sent to The Post, publicly worried the decision time frame was too short.

In an update received from district Community Relations Director Gary DeRenzo, he reports “The July 23 date on the timeline letter is just when the communication will go out to parents about making a selection.” After receiving that notice, DeRenzo added, “parents will be able to make their DECLARATION from (July 23) through (July 30).”

So instead of a day, Pottsgrove’s clarification ensures parents have a week to ponder their choice. And by its end, DeRenzo noted, the district “should have a pretty good handle on the wishes of our parents to help with planning.”

“We will communicate that window at the town hall meeting, and will post it on our website as well,” DeRenzo wrote.

Shirk earlier said the district is considering return-to-buildings, virtual online, and hybrid options that will be discussed during the town hall sessions.

Photo by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay, used under license