Pottsgrove Seeking Hutt’s School Board Successor

Pottsgrove Board of School Directors members Scott Hutt and Tina McIntyre (at top) as they attended a January 2019 board meeting

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – If you’re interested in occupying a seat on the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors, now’s your chance.

With an immediate resignation tendered last week (July 14, 2020) by school board member Scott Hutt (at top), directors must find a candidate to fill his unexpired term within 30 days of his departure. If they don’t, it can be filled for them by judicial appointment.

Hutt explained he was leaving to accept new employment. His term runs for another 16 months, through November 2021. If it acts as it has in filling past openings, the board is likely to gravitate to a qualified candidate who represents continuity and, as a result, is willing to seek election to the seat beyond the term’s end.

Letters of interest and accompanying resumes may be submitted by potential candidates no later than the district’s close of business on July 27 (Monday), its website stated. They can be mailed to the Pottsgrove School District, Attn: Board President, 1301 Kauffman Rd., Pottstown PA 19464, it added.

Pottsgrove expects to update its board vacancy announcement by setting a date for candidate interviews “at a later time,” the district reported. “It is the Board’s intention to fill this position after the return to school plan is approved,” according to the website. That action, board President Robert Lindgren said last week, is tentatively set for July 30 (Thursday).

If so, it gives the board between July 30 and Aug. 13 – 10 business days – to read through the letters and resumes, schedule and interview candidates (if the past is precedent, they’ll be conducted in public), and select Hutt’s successor before the deadline arrives.

January 2019 photo from The Post archive