Poplar Street (Well, Half Of It) Due For Repaving

The line of contrast between dark new asphalt, just beyond the sewer manhole cover (at top), with the remainder of Poplar Street looking north shows what will be paved by Upper Pottsgrove

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Upper Pottsgrove will spend about $14,000 in materials and labor to repave half of Poplar Street, running from its borderline with the Borough of Pottstown northeast to Diamond Street, the township Board of Commissioners agreed Monday (June 20, 2020).

Pottstown has already paved its half of the street with new asphalt, leaving the township’s half looking “pretty beat up” by comparison, commissioners’ President Trace Slinkerd recognized.

The township already has one quote in hand and is hoping to receive others. Road Foreman Justin Bean thinks they may be hard to come by. The road reconstruction business is booming right now, he noted, and although several companies expressed interest in providing cost estimates their estimators are “so busy they can’t come out,” Bean said.

The township public works staff intends to do base repairs and sealing work on Poplar Street itself, according to Bean, and then would contract with a firm acceptable to the board to do the paving. The township would buy paving materials under the agreement, Bean added, because it can purchase them at lower cost.

The job is expected to be completed this year.

Photo by The Post