Douglass (Berks) Resident Defrauded in Alleged Scam

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – An investigation is under way, the Douglass Township Police Department CrimeWatch website reported Sunday (July 26, 2020), into an apparent scam that victimized and defrauded a resident of Douglass Village, 172 Random Rd., Douglassville, of $2,000.

Under circumstances not identified by police, “a male who identified himself as an account representative from Amazon” contacted the resident July 18, and requested the purchase of four $500 gift cards from Target. The resident complied, and later “information from the cards was given to the unknown male” who allegedly committed the fraud and used them.

If anyone has information on the perpetrator, or has a crime to report, call the department at 610-367-9474, or submit a tip to its website, here.

Photo by KReimer via Pixabay, used under license