Isaias-Related Flooding Tears Asphalt from Road

SANATOGA PA – Three-inch thick slabs of asphalt were ripped Tuesday (Aug. 4, 2020) from the surface of North Sanatoga Road, and a manhole cover was tossed from a drain, as rain from Tropical Storm Isaias flooded Sanatoga Creek in Lower Pottsgrove Township.

The power of the strong and fast-moving water carried the blacktop pieces like boats in a current, if only for a short distance. Damage to the road was confined primarily to an area on either side of the intersection of North Sanatoga and Saylor Avenue, where accumulated water also runs downhill to add to the creek volume.

Township public works employees and volunteer firefighters ensured the road was blocked during the storm, roughly from East High Street north to Skytop Road. Several trees and limbs also were downed.

On the creek’s west side, flood did extensive damage to the Sanatoga Swim Club pool.

Photo and video by The Post