State Grants Worth $1.5 Mln Headed to Pottstown, Perkiomen

HARRISBURG PA – More than $1.5 million in grant money to assist Pottstown’s repair of storm water arches, and remediate local blight; help a non-profit bring in additional housing counselors; boost Montgomery County efforts to solve homelessness; and meet sanitary sewer needs in Perkiomen Township, is being provided by two state funding sources, 146th District state Rep. Joe Ciresi reported Monday (Aug. 17, 2020).

The Commonwealth Financing Authority will support the arches’ rehabilitation work with a total of $600,000 for the borough, and provide $236,000 to line or replace about 4,000 linear feet of sewer pipe in Perkiomen.

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency is giving $200,000 to help the Pottstown Borough Land Bank buy five properties, $50,000 to Genesis Housing Corp. to increase its housing counseling staff, and $500,000 to the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Development for programs to help end and prevent homelessness.

Here’s how the money will be used, Ciresi’s office reported:

“While storm water and sewer infrastructure is usually not at the top of people’s minds, it’s absolutely critical to keep maintained and in good repair,” Ciresi said. Obtaining grants for Pottstown and Perkiomen were priorities, he said, “so that we address these structural issues now, not later when they could put people and the environment at risk.”

  • Pottstown storm water arches
    A $500,000 Small Water and Sewer grant, and $100,000 H2O PA grant, for Pottstown’s Stormwater Arch Rehabilitation project will be “used toward the comprehensive inspection, evaluation and repairs of a 60-mile storm sewer arches within the borough. The inspection will provide information regarding the storm sewer arch locations, size, shape and material, along with documenting visible defects.”
  • Perkiomen sewer line
    A $236,000 Small Water and Sewer grant will be “used toward Perkiomen Township Municipal Authority’s sanitary sewer rehabilitation and replacement project(. It) will line approximately 4,000 linear feet and replace 130 linear feet of asbestos-cement piping along the Perkiomen Trail. The line has degraded and corroded considerably. Additionally, seven manholes near Schoolhouse Road with significant leakage and structural defects will be rehabilitated.”

“A safe, loving home is a big part of someone and can be life-changing,” Ciresi said. “I am so happy with this funding because it goes directly to improving the lives of so many local residents who are in need.”

  • Pottstown Borough Land Bank
    It will receive “$200,000 to help acquire five properties for resale to developers for rehabilitation for owner-occupied housing. At least two of the five properties will be transferred to developers for rehab and resale to households with incomes between 80- and 120-percent of the county area median income. The Land Bank will also use funds to provide grants up to $10,000 for single-system critical repairs to eight households with less than 50 percent of the county area median income.”
  • Genesis Housing Corp.
    It will get “$50,000 to increase housing counseling staff to better serve the community. The funds will be used to add a staff person, provide pay raises for existing staff, and support staff training.”
  • County Department of Housing and Community Development
    It’s expected to receive “$500,000 to help end and prevent homelessness in the county. The organization’s mission is to make the experience of homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring. Funds will support expansion of Rapid Re-Housing, three evidence-informed Homelessness Prevention models, and Equitable Community Engagement.”

Photo of Ciresi examining storm water arches from his website