Pennsburg Company Wins Grant for Worker Hazard Pay

PENNSBURG PA – A Pennsburg health care business, Penn Assisted Care LLC at 68 Main St., has won a $14,400 Pennsylvania grant intended “to help employers provide hazard pay to employees in life-sustaining industries during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Wolf administration announced. It said the program was created to keep front-line employees working in vital industry sectors across the state.

The company was one of 24 Montgomery County entities to share in $50 million distributed to 639 firms, selected from among more than 10,000 applicants, the governor’s office said. The money can be used for hazard pay to direct full-time and part-time employees who earn less than $20 hourly, excluding fringe benefits and overtime, during a 10-week period from Aug. 16 through Oct. 24 (2020).

Statewide, more than 41,000 workers are expected to benefit from a roughly $3-per-hour pay increase over the 10 weeks, according to a media release. More than 63 percent of them work in health care, and the remainder in food manufacturing, food retail, social assistance, janitorial, transportation, and security businesses.

None of the state’s emergency medical service providers received hazard pay supplements from the grant, however, the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania pointed out. “EMS workers represent the health care safety net and first line of defense in the treatment and prevention of the spread of COVID-19,” it said in a letter to the governor and General Assembly. “We are continually responding and constantly forgotten.”

Health care worker photo (at top) by Jayden Ford via Usaf, used with permission